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Reflexology at Aromatica Dreams


Is thought to have developed 5000 years ago in China, where pressure therapies were used to correct energy imbalances in the body. In the 1930's an ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr William Fitzgerald, introduced the therapy to the west. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body may be in a state of "imbalance". Reflexology involves small massage movements to the reflex points on your feet or hands. These reflex areas correspond to all parts of your body. Reflexology is a holistic therapy and works to bring about balance and general improvements in the health of the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

It is an ancient therapy, practiced for thousands of years. It is a foot treatment, designed to help the body's natural healing abilities. By triggering reflex points on the foot, which correspond to certain areas on the body. Reflexology can have a remarkable influence on the recipients well being.

Bolstered with the inclusion of a foot massage this is truly a wonderful treatment.

Aromatica Dreams: Based in Dudley Wood, Dudley in the West Midlands (UK) just 2 minutes from the Merry Hill Centre

Principal Practitioner Claire Bayliss M.I.C.H.T. R.G.N.

Telephone: 0800 043 2610

All treatments include a FREE consultation and the second treatment will be HALF price if you introduce a new client to the power of relaxation with Aromatica Dreams.

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